Don’t let your excuses prevent you from doing the necessary work you need to grow and improve yourself.

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We all want to grow. We all want to be better people and improve ourselves in various areas of our lives. And yet, many of us don't do the necessary work which we need to do, to make the kind of growth we are looking for.

It can be hard to come to terms with the idea that we are the reasons for our lack of growth and yet, it can be easy to deflect, blame others or make excuses instead of facing the harsh truth of our situation.

The issue here is that when we make excuses in life…

The importance of keeping your creative soul and authenticity, at a time where social media is all about the numbers.

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The social media space has completely changed the world of content as we know it.

With the inception of ‘social media influencers' and the overload of information out there; it has quickly become all about the numbers. Namely, how many retweets, claps or likes does your work get, how many followers or subscribers you can get.

At this point, it makes being a content creator that much harder because your success online for the most part is essentially determined by your ‘numbers’. The better performing your content does on digital metrics, the more ‘valuable’ it is, and understandably so. …

Sometimes you have to look back, in order to see ahead.

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One of the quotes which has always resonated with me is the following –

“Sometimes you have to look back, in order to see ahead.”

This quote really resonates with me because it’s true. When trying to develop yourself as a person in any area of your life, you need to be able to look back and see how you were in order to see the growth that you’ve made. You can’t make true progress without reflection because when you compare yourself to a past version of yourself, you will be able to see how far you’ve come. …

Getting through the door in any sector is hard. Getting through the door as a Black professional is even harder.

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At such a time when we are crying out for fundamental changes to be made when it comes to the opportunities that corporations are offering to black professionals, it must be said that this under no circumstances is inferring that opportunities should simply be given to satisfy the masses. That does not create any long lasting change or impact to the status quo, because this is not based on merit, it’s based on satisfying an agenda.

When we ask for change among corporations, it means giving opportunities, legitimate opportunities to black professionals because they are qualified and suited for said…

The reality is that no one REALLY knows 100% what they’re doing in life, but many of the most successful people have this in common.

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There was a period when I wondered why some people went further than others. What was different about them from the rest? When I looked at the most successful people I wondered what was it about them that helped them succeed in the ways that they did. Did they simply just know more than everyone else when it came to the moves they made? Were they simply just more lucky than everyone else?

I spent a lot of time looking into the biographies of many of the most successful people in their fields such as Warren Buffett, Phil Knight, Michael…

Opportunities are for those who go out and pitch for them

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I always thought that if I waited patiently and worked hard, opportunities will come looking for me.

If I write and keep writing, then people will kick down my door wanting to work with me in various ways.

And why wouldn’t that happen? Putting in hard work should surely mean that good thing is easier to come by, right?

The opportunities should come looking for me, shouldn’t they?

Not entirely.

My entire outlook on life changed when I fully grasped the concept that opportunities come to those who go out to look for them. Especially as a freelance writer.


It’s time we raise the bar. Simply doing the bare minimum shouldn’t be applauded anymore.

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As fathers, we don’t have a lot to go off. For the most part, many of us have grown up just to think that as long as we are around, then we are doing what we need to do as fathers.

We have seen so many instances of fathers not being around for their children and creating broken homes for their family, that simply being around is seen as enough when it comes to fatherhood.

This shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t really think about it until I became a father and saw how I was received, that I realized…

Are you able to be a man that can positively add to your partner’s life?

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We all say that we want a woman in our life who is going to be an asset to our lives.

A woman who is going to take away some of the stresses we feel in our lives.

That will be our peace.

That will be a complement to whatever we have going on.

As we should. Because what self-respecting man out there would want a woman that will be a burden on them? Why shouldn’t we want women that are going to make our lives easier for us?

The question that I ask is when you do get her…

Your time is coming, trust in the process.

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I can admit that one issue I've had for a long time was my want of instant gratification.

I wanted results right now instantly and I found that I wasn't prepared mentally at times to really dig in and put in the grind of consistent effort over a long period to achieve my goals.

I found that if I wasn't getting the type of results I wanted in the time frame I wanted, it was easy for me to want to give up, or to start-stop things I was working on, or to lose sight of what I was working…

I felt a lot more in control of my content when I was able to plan things in advance.

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In a time where there are so many things that need to be done at any particular moment, things can feel overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to your own creative projects.

Finding the right moments to create, edit, upload / publish, send emails, etc can be hard with all the distractions and other obligations that we have in our lives.

This is why it can be a major key when you can do things in advance.

I Felt Way More At Ease When I Was Able To Schedule In Advance

With myself, I have other work to focus on as well as looking after my newborn son with my partner. As a result, my…

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